Garage Junkie

Motor Utility Glove

“The ultimate light-weight glove for under the hood and around the shop.”

Motor Pro Glove

“You are a garage junkie. This is your glove. Nuff’ said.”

Motor Grip Glove

“Tired of tools slipping out of your hand? Yeah, we are too. You need this glove.”

Motor Impact Glove

“Quit beating up your knuckles.”

Project Lover

Project Utility Glove

“The Ultimate Light Duty glove for your project around the house.”

Project Pro Glove

“A light weight comfortable glove designed for medium duty work on the job site or around the house.”

Project Grip Glove

“Comfortable, secure, all day grip.”

Project Impact Glove

“Your project was tougher than you thought it was gonna be, but not as tough as explaining your bloody knuckles. Protect yourself.”

Modern Man

Modern Utility Glove

“A comfortable, easy access glove for your basic outdoor needs.”

Modern Water Resistant Glove

“A great water-resistant medium-duty glove with a DuPont® Teflon® treatment on the palm for water resistance.”

Modern Leather Reinforced Glove

“Machine washable goatskin leather reinforcements for awesome durability.”

Modern Leather Glove

“100% machine washable goatskin leather palm, tough enough for anything you can throw at it.”

Industrial Athlete

Hi-Viz Utility Glove

“Hi Viz & reflectivity in a light duty glove.”

Hi-Viz Pro Glove

“Hi-Viz material with reflective accents that keep you safe.”

Hi-Viz Abrasion Glove

“8X more abrasion resistance with reflectivity and high visibility. That’s all that matters, isn’t it?”

Hi-Viz Impact Glove

“If you need Hi-Visibility & 360° of impact protection – this is your glove. This thing is a beast!”